History of KomboGrass

Thanks for your interest in KomboGrass and our franchise system. KomboGrass has pioneered the manufacture and professional installation of no-infill artificial grass since 2013. Today, we regularly receive enquiries from around Australia for our quality no-infill artificial grass and if you would like to become part of our growing franchise network, now is the best time to get started. We have booking for months in advance and simply cannot keep up with demand. If you are serious about working for yourself, improving your work life balance, looking for an excellent income stream where you can work your own hours, this is the business opportunity you have been looking for.

The founders of KomboGrass have many prior years of commercial and corporate experience in the engineering and financial services industries. This prior knowledge has provided an immediate advantage over others in the artificial grass industry, because we were able to develop models for our artificial grass business leveraging this experience from other market segments. Our pricing models have been developed using detailed metrics captured from hundreds of installation projects. This data has been incorporated into our systems to allow our team to quickly and accurately estimate and quote on jobs in terms of the time required, materials needed and costing. No more quote stress when visiting new client sites. Our internally developed CRM, document management and IT systems ensure all the tools needed to quote, document, manage sales leads and generate all the project and accounting reports to seamlessly run your franchise are available from the cloud with user friendly interfaces. Apart from getting a laptop computer, there are no other requirements to manage your new KomboGrass franchise.

To provide professional artificial grass installations requires comprehensive training. KomboGrass have a detailed training manual, videos and guides to ensure you can tackle the most challenging of sites, all backed up by access to our corporate support team for any specific questions you may have. Since 2013 we have been completing professional artificial grass installations across all imaginable and sometimes unimaginable areas, which means you can immediate leverage from our detailed knowledge base regardless of what your clients ask of you. We have installed our grass into small and large backyards using buckets, bobcats, dingos, access via elevators, cranes and wheelbarrows, we have also installed to rooftops, canal waterway slipways, driveways, council pool areas, surf lifesaving IRB rooms, cricket pitches, soccer fields, tennis courts, lawn bowls, gymnasiums, child care centres, schools, universities, resorts, camping grounds, shops and hotels (to name a few). For these jobs no matter the challenges we have always managed to exceed our customers expectations, solving installation problems is actually a lot of fun and highly rewarding, no one wants a boring job with no challenges. 

Having control over your working days and hours is what a KomboGrass franchise offers. The number of days you work each week is up to you, the more you work the more you make, allowing you to obtain that work balance to meet your personal financial objectives and with Covid impacting on so many businesses, we offer the flexibility to become your own boss and control your own destiny, with our business proving to be resilient to any restrictions placed during the pandemic – in fact our overall business has increased by more than 20% since the pandemic started. For many people looking for business opportunities in their current area or have moved to a new area a KomboGrass franchise provides an ideal choice, flexible working hours, great opportunity to make excellent income, working outdoors and total control over your working days. Simply click below to find out more.