Starting any new business is daunting, but with the right support and systems in place it provides the perfect opportunity for financial independence and a more flexible work-life balance

Franchising is a partnership, so it is important that the opportunity we are offering fits in with your needs and goals as well as ours. That is why we have created the steps below to help us all make decisions on whether a KomboGrass franchise is the right path for all of us.

1. Make an enquiry and one of our friendly franchise staff will be in touch.

2. We schedule an initial interview with our directors so you can find out what it means to become a new franchisee.

3. Confidentiality agreement & franchise application signed.

4. Hands on time with the team while we undertake a formal review of your application.

5. You make a $5,000 deposit to secure your franchise. Deposit is fully refundable if you change your mind before signing the contract.

6. You sign the franchise documents provided. These have a 14 day cooling off period.

7. Make the final payment. After 14 days balance is due. Once received we order all your tools and equipment.

8. Two week training course commences. There is no better way to learn about the franchise than to work alongside our experienced team.

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